No – this business is a work from home business. It can be operated from your home or in fact anywhere in the world with a phone line and internet connection. This means if you need to go overseas at any point your business can go with you, likewise if you need to move to another area the business can be moved to.

Clients may from time to time want to meet you face to face and when this happens you will need to deliver presentations, however the availability of the internet this can be done online

If you have experience of sales and marketing this will benefit you as you will be able to hit the ground running.

However the franchise business opportunity is aimed at those with no experience – everything you need to know we will show you and we are with you every step of the way. You always have access to our training programme and a member of our support team will always be delighted to assist you. We do insist though that you commit to working hard on the business and implementing all the advice shared through ongoing training and support you will receive, if you do this you have a great chance of success.

If you have great, you will be able to hit the ground running. However if you have never ran your own business you could be perfectly suited for becoming a Tirthas Partner franchisee because we are looking for individuals who love to communicate and share their experiences with others. We offer you access to our marketing products that have time and time again shown to benefit businesses. That doesn’t mean you will be successful because you still have to work hard and implement all advice shared however if you are willing to make a commitment to us we will make one to you to provide you with everything you need to grow a profitable and rewarding business.

Tirthas Partners marketing services, charge businesses monthly fees. These fees are in the thousands and relate specifically to the type of service offered.

Depending on whether you use our in-house team to deliver the marketing services or you deliver them yourself (once full trained) will determine how much you earn. All earnings are paid monthly based on the number of clients you have.

This is all down to you and may be dependent on the amount of free time you have.  This business can work for you whether you are looking at operating it part time or full time and the number of clients you take on will be reflective of how much time you spend on the business. We offer a share of the marketing fees we receive. For a full breakdown of costs and financial projections please ask a member of our team or download a free information pack.

The better you do the better we do, therefore if you need support all you have to do is ask. The business opportunity is aimed at those with limited or no experience of this sector therefore we take training very seriously. Every new franchisee receives an initial training day, access to online business development webinars, 1:1 training and lots more, however over the years of training individuals we have identified that those that ask for assistance all the time are more often or not the ones that do better. We can’t emphasise enough, that we want to hear from you as we continue to offer business support to you.

Yes – you will operate in a specific territory which means no one else can gain the rights to distribute the marketing products in your chosen area. As a franchisee you receive your very own marketing model that tracks any enquirers your marketing generates. Due to our method of generating leads online your business is protected as any enquirers your marketing generates is tracked to you. This means wherever you choose to market we can track exactly who has enquired as a result of your marketing meaning you always receive the business you generate for your hard work giving you a fully protected business both from a product perspective and client acquisition perspective.

We provide you with a superior marketing product that stands out heads and shoulders above other marketing agencies. As a franchisee you will be able to distribute these products and what we have available makes us stand out from the crowd.

This is your business meaning you get to decide when you work and when you don’t. The more effort you put in the higher the chance you have of achieving your goals. You can work on your business as often or as little as you like, part time or full time.

That said there is a standard of performance we look for all our licensee distributors to achieve, because we know that the only way you will keep going and spending time on your business is if it provides you with an income to achieve your goals. Therefore we do provide you with a business model and advice and guidance that you will be required to follow and implement.

This is a franchise opportunity with a proven business attached. We are providing you with the rights to distribute the products we have available under our brand. Our uniqueness comes form the proven marketing models we share with businesses that have worked time and time again. You will be trained on how best to attract clients and have access to a truly remarkable opportunity.

Absolutely – this business is great for people from all walks of life, any age, any gender, any background, whether you are single or married with children or grandchildren this business can work for you. We do have a stringent recruitment process as we are keen to identify enthusiastic and ambitious people who can drive the business forward. You don’t need to have any experience in this industry all you need is a willingness to learn and the drive to keep going at all times.

You pay a one off fee to franchisee fee to cover training and initial set up. The training covers everything you need to start your business and you gain full licensee rights to start distributing the products available. There is a small monthly support fee payable to cover ongoing training and support. The only other fee is a percentage taken from providing the marketing services – this fee is based on whether you provide the marketing service or we do.

You Pay A One Time Fee To Join To Cover Training And Set Up

There are no ongoing fees, and what you pay for training and set up is minimal compared to other business opportunities. We are looking for positive and ambitious individuals who are excited about making a real change to their lives.

Financial Rewards

You will receive a proven business model that has attracted hundreds of customers over the years. This business can be operated from home and provides you with an opportunity to gain a sense of achievement like no other.

Total Flexibility

Operate this business in your spare time, part time or full time – you decide. Take control of your future as we share with you a business that has huge growth potential and has the potential to achieve truly amazing results.